Sunday, November 9, 2008

Long time no post.

Well it has been a long time since I have posted. I have talked with lots of you about floors and what to do.

Since my last post my middle daughter has had her first feis and even a second. She is doing great and really loves the performance. She had me scared the night before her last feis. She was practicing her Slip Jig and I was not sure she knew it. I even asked my wife if we should pull that dance. She did it one more time and she did it well enough that we decided not to pull her off that one.

Good thing we didn't pull her from it, she stepped on the stage and something just clicked. She took FIRST Place!

Never under estimate what they will pull out of their hat!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Other Springy ideas

I was at the Emerald City Fies this weekend and chatted with lots of folks about the flooring article in IDM.

One dancer I talked with said they put plywood in the garage to dance on and pushed it up against the wall when they needed to park the car. They also put Velcro on the edges to keep them from moving. (which is like the Jubilee flooring squares). Great idea!

This is a great use of space but bad for your knees, ankles, back, etc... I encouraged her to put foam squares on the bottom of that plywood, every square foot like I did on the floor we put in. I attached them with Liquid Nails. If you do it this way you can still push them up against the wall, out of the way, when you need to park the car in the garage but you will have a sprung surface rather than a hard concrete floor.

I also was looking at the dance floor that the Feis had laid out for the competition. They had plywood with vinyl (Marley) over it. For their "something springy" they used carpet padding. Here is an idea. Go to you next Feis and see what they use. Whatever it is it has to be easy to install because they put it in for the day.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Something springy

Hi all
Well I hope you saw my article in Irish Dancing magazine this month (January 2008). I promised to have more online but it has been a crazy new year. so I am finally getting to it.

In my little diagram I say you need "something springy"

what I used was a gym floor foam like found on these websites

But this is not the only option. I am doing a review of commercially available flooring and each manufacturer uses different foam.

Check out this foam I just saw.

it is only $4/sq foot! wow! I haven't checked it out to see if it might be too springy

You could consider the old fashioned foam camping mats. or insulation foam used for sealing garage doors. use your imagination but TEST first! you don't want too much sprint or your dancer will be fighting the floor and may even hurt themselves because it is too springy.

whatever foam you use. You will place it every square foot. one of the comercially available floors comes in snap together strips of engineered hardwood. it has the foam affixed in a strip under the snap together edge.

More to come soon.

I hope you have fun making your floor. send me pictures when you get done. I will post them here so others can learn from your experiences too.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Why do you need a Sprung Floor?

Well if you have ever attended your dancer's class you probably already know the answer to this question. Irish Dance can be brutal on your daughter or son's joints. Feet, ankles, knees, backs. Bangity Bangity bang. They pound their feet on the floor. I know other forms of dance are hard on the body but it seems that Irish Dance is really hard, but maybe that is just my view because my daughter is an Irish Dancer.

OK Dads, if you really want motivation to put in a sprung dance floor read the detailed articles at

It will inspire you to do 2 things, 1) Put in a sprung floor 2) get some Hullachan shoes.

Check it out you need to understand this about your child's dancing

Next: Something Springy

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Update on the sprung dance floor

As I started to write up these next few posts about the dance floor I installed I got thinking. then I went into action See my Making-A-Dream blog post "Because I asked".

In the January issue of Irish Dancing Magazine you will read about and see some pictures of the floor I installed here at our house.

In the article I say to check this blog for further details on making a sprung dance floor.

So here goes.

The first thing I did was to go on line and do some research. both on why a sprung dance floor is important and how they are constructed. I found some great information about Irish Dancing injuries on the Hullachan Pro Site. He doesn't really talk much about floors but goes into great detail about injuries. Check it out.

Next I hit the professional dance floor sites. Roscoe, Harlequin, EFS, Jubilee and the like (in the February Issue of Irish Dancing Magazine I will do a review of these flooring systems) What I found was that all of the permanent professional flooring was quite expensive a the time. Some has come down in price recently and I am anxious to finish my review of the flooring for IDM to see what I would do today if I had it all to do again.

Through my research I found that most of the flooring systems have a similar structure

something springy
The floor you are putting it on

Pretty simple right? Well no. what hardwood do you use? What sub-floor, what Something springy? I will go into each one of these questions in a separate post. they will all be posted by January, since the article in IDM references them for " further detail " so I better get on it.

thanks for reading.

Have any of you ever put in a sprung dance floor? let me know what you did.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Dance Floor for my Daughters

I am a guy. So when my daughter took up Irish Dance of course it turned into a home improvement project with lots of trips to the hardware store and lots of Internet research!

We have a large studio where I do my painting and we run Celtic scrapbooking. My Daughter needed someplace to practice her hard-shoe and we didn’t want her messing up the nice hardwoods in the kitchen. So began my journey to install a dance floor in the studio. I wanted to put in some other kind of floor anyway so it wouldn’t matter if I got paint on it. So I went to the Internet and started my research.

The first think I found was that there are several types of flooring options available for dancers. I found that while lots of folks have hardwood floors what you really need if you want to protect your knees is a sprung floor. Irish Dance is one of the most percussive dance forms out there. So, I chose to go for the sprung floor. And no it isn’t because it would be cool (although it is cool).

My next few posts will be about how I chose and then installed our dance floor.


Ode to Duct Tape

Silver grey, sticky strong
Fixer of a broken fender
You are essential to life, as water
I never thought I’d find you
On the shoes of my Daughter.